I’m an amateur photographer born in Saudi Arabia in 1981, educated and lived in the US for 12 years. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems from the University of Tampa. I began photography in 2004 by learning about it on my own using hands on experience without any formal training or books. 

After having gained a couple of years of photography experience, I was awarded the distinctive title of "Travel Digital Photographer of the Year" in January 2009 by Digital Photographer Magazine. Traveling around the world photographing places and scenes that capture my interest from unique perspectives is my passion and mode of artistic expression. 

My photos been featured in numerous publications in the US, Europe, and the Middle East. Also won a number of international awards for which I am grateful to have had them viewed as distinctive and deserving of such an honor.

I aspire through my photography to explore new angles and perspectives on everyday scenes, and to present them in a new manner. Since most of my photography is architectural, I like to use a wide angle lens to obtain a deeper perspective towards my subject and to pull the viewer into the scene. Depending on the color or surroundings, I sometimes like to use black and white to evoke a certain mood in the photograph. My photos are made out of my vision, as I perceive a scene through the camera. My idea of the Taj Mahal series was to illustrate its majestic nature over time through black and white, to bring a feeling of timelessness. A fact that true beauty never fades and it is always seen through its lasting durability and immortal like qualities.

Every time I look through the lens there is a newness, I want to capture and bring all of these elements into my work. Hopefully through my photography I want to invoke a certain mood, a sense of poetry in vision. I make these photographs mainly for myself and to share what I have seen through the lens with all who are keen to experience a unique view. My Photographs are made through researching my obtainable photographic opportunities, through my travels, and exploring my intended subjects from all the possible angles and perspectives, that I can possibly imagine, bringing a fresh newness to what we see through my extended eyes, the camera.

Throughout the past years I have been able to develop a special technique of custom toning my work, where I use dodging and burning to lighten and darken certain parts of my photos depending on the angle of light and presence of shadows. This creates more drama and mood in the scene, a feeling I want the viewer to experience just by looking at architecture. My ultimate aim is to bring what I see, through its design and uniqueness, what it adds to the world we live in, through all of its beauty and diversity encompassing through colors, shades, clarity, black and white visions of time and place.